Programme Description

Medical students of any nationality enrolled at German institutions of higher education are eligible for a clinical traineeship exchange, a research internship or a public health exchange in order to gain hands-on experience in a foreign country. To this end, the German Medical Students' Association (bvmd) arranges each year more than 400 internships abroad.
For clinical trainees or research interns, the arrangement includes the placement of the candidates as well as the organisation of on-site accommodation. The bvmd also provides board and gives students the opportunity to get in contact with their peers in the host country.
Students have to finance a public health exchange themselves and pay fees to the project in addition to the bvmd application fee.
The clinical traineeship exchange will take place in teaching hospitals, whereas the research internships are arranged for in different working groups or facilities with varying key research areas. The public health exchange will be set up with health organisations and (non-)government institutions.

Target Group

students of all nationalities enrolled at a German medical university who wish to gain hands-on experience abroad. Upon prior agreement, students in medicine-related subjects may apply for participation in selected research and public health projects.

Academic Requirements

students enrolled at a German medical university
You can only apply for the clinical traineeship exchange after completing the 4th semester or 6th trimester. For research and public health exchanges, students in medical-related study programmes may also apply from the 1st semester. In the case of the clinical traineeship exchange, a clinical traineeship must have already been completed by the time you start your traineeship abroad.

Number of Scholarships

more than 400


4 weeks. Extension for public health exchange possible depending on project.

Scholarship Value

  • placement in an internship
  • Students are given the opportunity to get in contact with medical students in the host country.

Additionally, depending on the programme:
  • accommodation
  • board

Application Papers

Please find all application forms and relevant information on the application procedure here

Application Deadline

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