TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) is a top-ranked German research-oriented university (First Place among 196 international universities in 11 categories, such as Support Services, Arrival, Living Cost in the International Student Barometer 2016; top ranked among the worldwide 150 universities under 50 years old, Times Higher Education Ranking 2017) for science, technology, and industry. Our University offers high-quality graduate education and (post)doctoral research training in innovative fields of the High Tech World, many of them as English-taught programs. Our features:

  • International study environment highly affiliated to industry and research
  • “Science Alliance Kaiserslautern”, network of high-profile research institutes on & nearby campus
  • “University of Teaching Excellence " award for outstanding student-teacher ratio
  • 16 International Graduate Programs (more than 30 specializations):
    - Electrical & Computer Engineering:
    M.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering, European Master in Embedded Computing Systems
    - Computer Science: M.Sc. Computer Science
    - Mathematics:
    M.Sc. Mathematics International, M.Sc. Technomathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics,
    M.Sc. Economathematics, M.Sc. Actuarial & Financial Mathematics
    - Commercial Vehicle Technology: M.Sc. Commercial Vehicle Technology
    - Biology:
    M.Sc. Biology (specializing in Microbial & Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Ecology)
    - Social Sciences: M.Sc. Cognitive Science
    - Physics: M.Sc. Advanced Quantum Physics
    - Spatial & Environmental Planning:  M.A. Border Studies
    - Distance Master: M. Eng. Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, M.Eng. Nanotechnology, M. Eng. Financial Engineering
  • 2 international PhD Programs; Doctoral research positions are available in all 12 departments & disciplines of TUK

Application deadlines*
April 30 for winter term starting on Oct 1
Oct 31 for summer term starting on April 1

Application requirements for international master students*
Bachelor degree or equivalent
English language proficiency 

*Further details for program specific variations

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
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