Informații despre eveniment

21. până la 25. februarie 2022

Organizator: DAAD Hungary & DAAD Srbija & DAAD Romania

Do you wish to learn more about studying in Germany? Do you wish to meet representatives of a German university online?

The online sessions bring you into direct contact with German universities and enables you to get first-hand information on study programmes. The sessions are interactive – you can ask your questions.

Prior online registration is mandatory to keep you up-to-date and to guide you to the respective online tool where the session will take place. After registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link to join the session.

2⃣1⃣ Febr. 13 pm: Study in Bremen and at the International Graduate Center – Bremen, University of Applied Sciences –
2⃣2⃣ Febr. 13 pm: International Bachelor study program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany
2⃣2⃣ Febr. 14 pm: Study in English – Live in German(y) – Offenburg’s International Master’s Degree Programs
2⃣3⃣ Febr. 13 pm: Study in Germany – Berlin University of Applied Sciences – International Master programmes
2⃣3⃣ Febr. 14 pm: Braunschweig Institute of Technology
▶ Coming soon
2⃣4⃣ Febr. 13 pm: Study with us – Deggendorf Institute of Technology
2⃣5⃣ Febr. 13 pm: Study STEM in English at Jacobs University