Learning German in Romania

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Many good reasons to learn German exist. We’ve compiled a list of some of these below.

German is an important language in terms of international communication.

Those who can speak German are able to communicate with around 180 million people worldwide. 100 million Europeans alone speak German as their first language – not just in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and other countries. German is the most widely spoken native language across Europe.

German is an important commercial language, and boosts opportunities on the labour market.

In commercial terms, Germany is a strong international economic and trade partner and is viewed as a key global export nation. German-speaking member states also constitute the EU’s most important economic and financial region.
German language skills can promote professional careers! Today, internationality and intercultural skills are essential core competencies as far as economic success is concerned. Linguistic competence helps tap new global markets and is a benefit for the competition. All forward-looking companies have a vested interest in their employees’ multilingualism and are committed to training linguistic competence.
German is one of the great commercial languages of the EU and a bridge to central and eastern Europe. German companies abroad and foreign companies in Germany are looking for experts with German language skills. Germany is Romania’s top trade partner. At present, over 7,500 companies with German partners are active in Romania. German language skills are also beneficial to those working for international companies.

As a literary and academic language, German is a solid parameter.

German is firmly established in the fields of research and education as an academic and technical language. German book production occupies the third highest place internationally. German media groups operate globally, German literature has been the recipient of Nobel prizes and German films are successful around the world. Those investing in the German language invariably gain an awareness of Germany’s cultural heritage. German language skills allow learners to familiarise themselves with, and understand, the culture and history of the Germans.

German makes it easier to study in Germany.

Germany looks back on a long university tradition and boasts a dense education network with over 420 university and research institutes. Institutions like the Max Planck Society (MPG), the Leibniz Association (WGL), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG) and the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (HGF) offer optimum research environments. As a study location, Germany is very popular with foreign students. It occupies the third place on the scale of target countries for study abroad. Around 350,000 foreigners study and research at higher education institutions and research institutes in Germany.
Anyone wishing to study in Germany requires knowledge of German or English.

German Cultural Centre in Brașov
Str. Lungă Nr. 31, I. Stock
500035 Brașov
Tel.: +40 (268) 47 31 04

The German Cultural Centre in Brașov offers language courses for children and adults.

Goethe-Institut in Bucharest
Str. Calea Dorobanți 32
010573 Bucharest
Tel.: +40 (21) 311 97 62
+40 (21) 311 97 82
+40 (21) 312 02 31
Fax:+ 40 (21) 312 05 85

The Goethe-Institut offers numerous German courses. Its varied course range covers all levels of the European Framework of Reference.

Schiller House in Bucharest
Str. Batiștei Nr. 15
020945 Bucharest
Tel.: +40 (21) 319 26 88
Fax: +40 (21) 319 26 87

The Schiller House in Bucharest offers a wide range of language courses.

Goethe Centre in Cluj-Napoca
Str. Universităţii 7-9
400091 Cluj-Napoca
Tel.: +40 (264) 59 44 92

Language courses following the communicative method are offered at the Goethe Centre in Cluj-Napoca.

German Cultural Centre in Iaşi
Str. Lascăr Catargi 38
700107 Iași
Tel.: +40 (232) 21 40 51

The German Cultural Centre in Iaşi also offers numerous language courses.

German Cultural Centre in Sibiu
Str. Mitropoliei 16 (entrance around the corner on Poșteistraße, 2nd door)
550179 Sibiu
Tel.:+40 (269) 21 08 30
+40 (269) 23 80 70

The German Cultural Centre in Sibiu offers a wide variety of ways to learn German.

German Cultural Centre in Timișoara
Str. Dr. Liviu Gabor 1
300004 Timișoara
Tel.: +40 (256) 40 70 58

The German Cultural Centre in Timișoara provides a diverse range of high-quality language courses.

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