Programme Description

The KAAD is the scholarship institution of the catholic Church in Germany. Applicants for this programme are from Central, Eastern and South-east Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, are proficient in German and are of catholic faith. In exceptional cases candidates may have differing denominations, if they are recommended by catholic partner organisations. Eligibility criteria include
  • international junior researchers and post-graduates
    - who have completed their studies in their home countries and wish to spend a research stay or broaden their scientific knowledge in Germany or
    - who wish to carry out post-graduate studies in Germany (including training for qualified physicians) or
    - who wish to complete a 24-month Master's programme.

  • higher-education teaching staff invited to do short-term research stays of up to 6 months in Germany.
  • students carrying out a Master’s course in their home countries who are planning a regular research stay at a German higher-education institution of 1 semester. The stay in Germany should mainly aim at material gathering and interchange with German teaching staff within the context of the Magister/Master or Diploma thesis to be completed in the candidates’ home countries. Academic recognition of periods of study spent at the German higher-education institution in the country of origin should be ensured. Sponsorships are awarded to students from any subject area (with the exception of theology).

In addition, a German language course up to level B1 or C1 for those who need it can be funded upon request. The language course can either precede your studies in Germany or run alongside your studies at the place of study. For courses before the start of the study programme, the duration should not exceed 6 months.

Target Group

graduates, doctoral candidates, PhDs or higher-education teaching staff demonstrating excellent academic performance and promise from Central, Eastern and South-east Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia interested in spending a period of study or a research stay at a German higher education institution

Academic Requirements

Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral or post-doctoral studies

Application Papers

Please complete this online questionnaire.

Application Deadline

15 January (scholarships will be allocated in March) and 30 June (scholarships will be allocated in September) of each year

Vă rugăm selectați statutul academic și țara de orogine, pentru a depune candidatura.

Statutul academic și/sau țara de origine nu se regăsesc în listă?În cazul în care statul academic și/sau țara de origine nu se regăsesc în listă, atunci nu puteți aplica pentru acest program de burse. Pentru a fi afișate în mod exclusiv doar programele de burse pentru care puteți aplica, vă rugăm selectați statutul dvs. academic și țara de origine în lista de rezultate.